About Norm Leete
Norm Leete with MkII Mellotron
Norm Leete with MkII Mellotron

I used to be an Embedded Software Engineer but in my spare time my passion (some would say obsession) was all things to do with the production of electronic music.

As well as producing music for my own amusement I have written music for corporate videos and for theatrical productions. I have also repaired and restored some of the older electronic instruments and created / designed sounds for third parties so I have an interest in the technical side of things as well. As part of my “obsession” I explored a number of electronic music sites and was amazed at the range of quality of the information about various electronic musical instruments on the web but also alarmed at the inaccuracy of some sites (especially some references to the Mellotron, one of my favourite instruments). I therefore decided to start a site of my own that would reflect my personal experience of electronic musical instruments. All this activity resulted in Streetly Electronics asking me to help to design the Streetly Electronics M4000 in my “spare time”.

In 2008  I finally went self-employed and formed NormLeete Industries repairing and restoring old electronic musical instruments as well as building bits for new ones. One of my roles in creating the controller for the M4000 was writing the software (in assembler – very Old School).  As I cannot completely escape my past I have also done some Software Consultancy.

I am based in the UK and it will not come as shock that any prices quoted are in pounds sterling and addresses tend to refer to companies based in the UK.  However, links are international as is the information.

Maintaining a web site is a bit like writing a book that constantly changes, the problem is that I am no author! The demise of AoL Hometown has resulted in the creation of this site/occasional blog, I hope you find it useful / interesting.

Mellotrons, Synths and electronics in music