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This is the main page for the Mellotron related info from the old “” source.

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  • History – History of Streetly Electronics who manufactured the original Mellotron
  • The Models – Each model described (I should get out more)
  • How it Works – Not loops, got it?
  • Maintenance – keeping the beast going…

Note: Content is now available, text first – pictures will follow…

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  1. Hi, Norman. You dont have to answer if you so wish ,but are you from Stroud and do you know Paul who is a keyboard player. He has passed your name to me because you may be able to help me or advise me. My tel no is 01242677533 if you prefer to call me. Thankyou Terry

  2. Hi ,I bought two machines n the 60 s I would love to know if anyone has the purchaser details from Streetly electronics of it customers in Liverpool ,I bought the model with the drum machine in it and then bought the Smaller White model .

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