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Some of the services I offer, not a complete list but a taster…

Electronic Instrument repair – Analogue and digital synths, have repaired ARP, Moog, EMS, RSF, Mellotron, Fairlight, Sequential Circuits, Roland, Korg, Yamaha etc etc.

One-to-one tuition – Explaining things like synth programming and the physics of sound in an easy to understand way, emphasis is on the practical, user manuals explained and translated into normal english!

Sound design / programming – closely related to the one-to-one tuition I can help you unleash the hidden potential of that classic synth you have but struggle to fully understand.

Software design consultancy – designed the new cycling controller (Software and Hardware ) for the Streetly M4000. Many years experience of designing embedded software for industrial products plus teaching system analysis and design.

Small scale manufacture – Making sub assemblies for the Streetly M4000. Also some other designs are in progress for products specifically aimed at older analogue synths.

Guitar repair / maintenance – from a simple setup to more in-depth procedures such as fret dressing.

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  1. Hello Norm, my dad has a sickly Wersi Phon-X electronic organ which used to keep him entertained for hours and he now misses a lot. There does not seem to be much in the way of support for these things these days, although I think you can still get spares for them. Is it something you would be able to have a look at for him? The bad news is the fault is intermittent, but the good news is the basic sound generation seems Ok, I think the fault is probably somewhere in the audio path (or PSU?). I have tried an initial wiggling of connectors but I am not sure about the architecture of these things so I have been reluctant to go any deeper. Needless to say there is no manual/circuit etc. Let me know what you think.
    Steve (yes, still at Renishaw)

  2. Hello Norm,

    Would you happen to have the Fairlight 2 sound ‘oh’ ?
    Could i buy a sample ? I had hoped to get it for my
    mellotron, but Martin’s too busy to listen to requests,
    i spose . So, if you have it…. and would be willing to
    adapt it for a cd sample or something
    please tell me . I’ll pay in Panda Gold, Heh Hae…

  3. Hello Norm ,
    Do you happen to have any Fairlight 2 sample’s ?
    I’m looking for the breathy ‘oh’ vocal sound…

    Is there a possibility of buying a sample from
    you , if you’ve got it ? In some form/mp3/cd ?

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